Our beautiful range of headboards complement any interior, from oversized upholstered headboards to create a style statement, to minimalistic metal designs. Whether you are looking for fashion or function, we offer a fantastic headboard collection.

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Headboards for every bedroom

Our collection of headboard designs has something for every style of bedroom. Whether you’re looking for a luxury headboard to complete your boutique bedroom or want something more modern and minimalist, there are many different styles to choose from in our range. Make your guest bedroom feel like a glamorous hotel room with a stunning headboard that frames the bed perfectly. Make your own bedroom feel like a haven with a style that sets off your décor perfectly. Browse through our categories for headboard ideas that will elevate your room to the next level.

Why should you choose a headboard?

Headboards provide several practical qualities within a bedroom. Having a physical barrier between your sleeping space and the wall behind your bed prevents your wall from becoming damaged or marked. It also stops you from banging your head against the wall accidentally while you sleep. A headboard can be the perfect place to lean up against when reading a book in bed and you can also enjoy breakfast in bed by resting against it.

Choosing the best type of headboard for your bedroom

In addition to practical aspects, headboards also provide a beautiful aesthetic within the room. Whether you choose to go simple and opt for a plain wooden, metal or fabric style or want something more elaborate, there are tonnes of designs from which to choose.

Grand bedrooms with a glamorous feel can benefit from a large, upholstered headboard or a metal style with crystal finials. For a country cottage feel, a wooden headboard may suit better. Or, keep a guest bedroom neutral with a painted metal headboard that works with any décor.

What size headboards are available?

Our headboards are available in sizes from small single to super king, making them suitable for most bedrooms. Single headboards work great in guest rooms where a small occasional bed is needed for visitors to use. Alternatively, you may want to put the finishing touches to your child’s bedroom with a small single headboard that completes the décor perfectly.

A double bed headboard is the most popular style, working for average sized master bedrooms and guest rooms that cater for two people. If your room is slightly smaller but still needs to sleep two people, a small double headboard and bed may be a better option for you.

For those who have space at a premium, a king size headboard will provide a stunning backdrop to your bed and add that finishing touch your room needs. If you’re lucky enough to have a very large bedroom, treat yourself to the luxury of a super king headboard to make your room feel like a palace.

At Dreams we know that finding the right headboard can help complete the perfect bed. Browse our range now for inspiration. If you have any questions or need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team on 0208 909 2343.