Sofa beds

Sofa beds are ideal for those who are short on space but still want to provide adequate room for guests to sleep. Perfect for transforming spare rooms into comfortable office spaces or even living rooms, a pull-out sofa bed forms a stylish seat which transforms into a comfy sleeping area.

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What is a sofa bed?

Sofa by day, bed by night. A quality sofa bed is the perfect solution for those short on space, as it combines two pieces of furniture to make one practical and cosy place to rest. Sometimes known as couch beds, sofa beds are especially handy for living rooms, guest rooms, and small apartments.

What are the different types of sofa beds?

There are four main types of sofa beds to explore and buy across our range online and in-store, including two-seaters, three-seaters, corner, and storage sofa beds:

Two seater sofa beds – Two-seater sofa beds are one of the most popular sofa bed types. That’s because they’re ideal for fitting into small spaces while offering the practicalities of a bed at the same time.

Three seater sofa beds – Offering ample space for guests, a three-seater sofa bed is perfect for entertaining spaces such as your living room or an open-plan kitchen and dining space. Due to their length, these work well against a wall or as a room divider.

Corner sofa beds – Corner sofa beds feature an additional platform underneath the sofa, which pops up to align with the rest of the seat and create a cosy bed for two. They also offer an extra storage compartment in the ottoman base, which is especially handy to those trying to maximise living room space.

Storage sofa beds – Ideal for saving space, a storage sofa bed contains hidden storage areas. This could be in a drawer format beneath the seating area. Or it could be as part of the chaise-lounge feature on a corner sofa bed.

Chairs – Find the perfect partner for your new sofa bed with a chair from the same range. Or choose a stylish chair bed to maximise your space and offer an extra guest a comfy spot to sleep.

There are many different sofa bed mechanisms to choose from, such as clic-clac and A-frame. If you’d like more information, please view our sofa bed buying guide.

What mattress do I need for a sofa bed?

Many sofa beds either have a mattress included within their frame or use the back and seating area of the sofa as a mattress. However, if you do need a sofa bed mattress, the product page online for the sofa bed will specify which size mattress it’s compatible with.

What size sofa bed do I need?

A single or small double sofa bed – such as a two seater sofa bed – is good for limited spaces. For bigger rooms, a large sofa bed – such as a three seater sofa bed – is recommended.

Something important to remember, it’s not only the size of the frame to consider but also the size when the sofa is extended into a bed.