Jay-Be Truecore 2000 Firm hybrid e-Pocket


This firmer tension mattress features two distinct spring units, complemented by additional comfort layers to provide unparalleled support without sacrificing quality. The extra fine micro e-Pocket™ springs operate independently, swiftly adapting to even the slightest of movements, while the deep e-Pocket™ core seamlessly conforms to your body’s natural contours, effectively minimising motion transfer throughout the mattress.

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Key Features

• Inside every great sleep is a TRUECORE, designed with the environment, your health and your comfort in mind.
• A Firm Deep e-Pocket™ Core for responsive contour support.
• Additional Micro e-Pocket™ layer for continuous huggable support.
• Advanced 3d Spacer for extreme breathability
• Featuring Eco award-winning comfort technology
• Open cell structure for temperature and moisture regulation
• Soft knitted quilted fabric for a more sumptuous sleep surface
• Inherently hypoallergenic materials create a less desirable environment for dust mites & other microorganisms, reducing the risk of allergic reactions
• 100% foam free, free from harmful chemical emissions
• Naturally fire resistant and FR chemical treatment free
• Easy care non flip mattress
• Vacuum packed and rolled to maintain freshness and reduce carbon emissions during transportation
• 100% recyclable – Zero to landfill*
• Manufacturer’s 5 year guarantee
• Made in the UK to British and European safety standards

*Zero to landfill – To ensure your Jay-Be mattress never goes into landfill, Jay-Be has designed all their mattresses with end of life in mind


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